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My family had a cookout this past weekend – like so many other families across America. And we have three veterans to remember, so the holiday means a lot to us.

I overheard my wife’s cousin talking about how he and his buddy are scouring the local junkyards for parts for a Camaro that he is restoring. When I had the chance, I asked him, “Don’t you remember that we sell genuine GM parts at GM Parts North East? Why would you go waste your time going to junkyards when you could just come to me?”

I know that the parts from a junkyard don’t cost him anything and free is free. But he and his friend are spending a lot of time traveling across the state and, as they say, time is money. There are so many other things he should be considering. For example, he can’t assure that the parts he is getting haven’t been compromised because they have been there for a long time. Some of the time, he can’t even be sure that they are genuine GM parts. The parts have been used, so he can’t even be certain that they will work for any length of time. He might have to replace them again. And he would be saving the time he is taking to clean and “de-rust” the parts. All of this is really costing him. He might not see an upfront price, but everything here has a price tag.

I explained that the parts that he would get from me would be genuine GM parts. We also sell our parts for a very reasonable price. And we would ship them to him at no additional cost.

Considering all of this, he decided that he actually could save money by buying new GM parts from us at GM Parts North East. He said he would check out our website this week. I’m glad that I overheard his conversation. I know he’ll be much happier when his car is restored.

And he can tell the family at the Fourth of July cookout that he saved time and money by buying his genuine GM parts from me.

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