General Motors Accessories

We haven’t talked about accessories, but we should.

At GM Parts North East, we not only sell genuine GM auto parts, we also sell genuine GM accessories.

Have you ever spent time at your local auto parts store scratching your head – wondering if the accessory you are seeing will fit in your GM vehicle? Is your GM vehicle missing something that you know will make it yours? The accessory you see at your local auto parts store looks nice and you want it, but I can tell you one thing right now, car, truck, and SUV accessories are not one size fits all.

Our large selection of original GM accessories will help you customize the look and feel of your car, truck, or SUV. And you’ll never have to be worried about fit. We have it all – from bed extenders, to roof ladders, splash guards, steps, tool boxes, and remote starters.

Speaking of remote car starters, I heard a horror story this past Christmas. My friend really wanted a remote starter and her boyfriend went to a place that advertised remote starters among many other things. Well, they didn’t do something right and the car became unreliable. It randomly wouldn’t start. Which is oh so much fun especially in the winter time. My friend works more than 30 miles away from their apartment, so that added to the mystery. Would it start? Would it not start?

They took it back to the dealer and no one could figure out the problem. The dealer did say that it was a generic remote starter and they took it out, but the car was still unreliable. After several weeks of this, they ended up trading in this one-year-old vehicle, a car that my friend really liked. It wasn’t an expense they had expected and it certainly won’t go on the list of top ten Christmas presents. But that’s the risk that you take. What a nightmare! You’ll never have a problem like this when you buy an accessory from GM Parts North East.

Check out the accessories on our website, call 781-447-7935, or send an email to Our genuine GM accessories are engineered specifically for your vehicle’s year make and model and will blend seamlessly with your automobile.